All things digital - All day.

I design, sketch, and build intuitive user interfaces for different devices. The ideology behind the design process is to serve your target audience, strengthen your brand, while reflecting your vision and values. Modern design doesn’t serve it’s purpose if it isn’t functional. But you know what – it can be both.

By mastering modern platforms and frameworks I save your time and money. I produce semantic, SEO-friendly and cross-browser valid code for different screen sizes (obviously). From small sites to complex beasts, I’ve got it all covered.


Partnering with your business

For most businesses, building a new digital solution, such as a website is usually an one-off transaction where the goal is to get a new, better performing solution. However, often results are not measured and the project ends before there are any records of improvement. My approach is a bit different.


Set a Goal

The process of building a new website starts with setting a new goal, something that improves your business and something that we can measure. Whether it’s a eCommerce store where you want to increase the conversion rate of customers or a regular website that you want to lower the bounce rate and increase user-engagement leading to more user enquiries.


Analyse Data

Analyse the usage statistics and find out what parts of your current website are working – and which parts could be enhanced. The new product structure will be based on these findings.


Performance Oriented Design

Designed for humans, optimised for usability. Site will be designed to stand out of the competition and look modern for years to come.


Future Proof Build

Coded with best practises, built to last. Custom build means that there won’t be third party themes or other whimsy parts that will require constant updates to keep your site up and running.


Seamless Launch

On the d-day, everything is prepared for smooth launch. Minimal to none downtime and redirects put to place. You don’t want to lose that precious SEO-juice that you’ve worked hard for.


Measure and Improve

After launch we monitor the user behaviour on the site and make adjustments if needed, based on these findings.